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Redesign movement throughout your body

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)

Redesign movement throughout your body

No part of your body moves in isolation. When you walk, every joint in your body moves, not just your legs. This means that your bones, joints and muscles have to work as a team. If part of your body is damaged, painful or stiff, it affects the whole body and how it moves.

Redesign movement throughout your body

When it comes to standing and walking, your feet are particularly important. If your feet are stuck in one position or don’t move well it affects your whole body right up to your head.

“AiM is not about treating symptoms, it is finding the cause of the symptoms”

What is Anatomy in Motion?

AiM is an approach to redesigning movement based on a model developed by Gary Ward. Gary has mapped how each part of the body should move in the different stages of walking. We use Gary’s map to discover what movements are missing in your body and design exercises to restore those movements. The exercises re-educate your body and re-programme your brain. Aim doesn’t just improve your how you walk, you will notice differences in your posture and everything you do.

“It’s like hitting the reset button on an electronic device so the body refreshes itself, starting again, pain free, mobile and raring to go”

Gary Ward

What does an AiM session involve?


We discuss your problems and any injuries you have had in the past


We look at your posture to see if any parts of your body are being pulled out of alignment


We check the movements of the different parts of your body to find out which joints are moving too little or too much


We analyse how your posture and movement is affecting your walking


We design a unique exercise to re-educate your posture and movements


We practise the exercise to re-programme the brain


We recheck your posture, movements and walking to see what has changed and design another exercise

By the end of the session we will have designed and practised your unique movement exercise programme. We will video and /or write it down so you have no excuse not to work at it in between sessions!

Download information to read before your first session

“I had a very thorough and interesting assessment and was surprised to discover my flat feet could be causing my hip and knee problems! I could feel a difference as soon as I did the exercises. 3 months later I am pain free and thrown my orthotics in the bin!”

Amber C

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on how many problems you have, how long you have had them and what is causing them. Most people notice improvements after one session but need a few sessions to sort out all their problems. Sessions are usually spread out to suit you and allow time for you to work at your exercise programme in between.

The first session is normally 90 minutes and follow up sessions 60 minutes.

  • Damaged, tight or painful areas in your muscles and soft tissues restricting your joints from moving ? 

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  • Too stressed to find time or can’t be bothered to do your AiM homework?  

    Try Redesign your Mind

More Information

About Gary Ward and Anatomy in Motion

Gary became well known after appearing on the BBC’s Doctor in the house – see the video on his website

“Gary is an incredibly important figure in the world of body mechanics and human movement. He’s flipping all the old rules on their head and having great success in helping people”

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Wake your body up! 

I highly recommend his video series designed to help you to help yourself. 

It only costs £9.99 and Gary guides you through how to assess your posture and movements and exercises to restore movement throughout your body.