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Redesign Physio

Changing your body and mind for life

Movement and transformational coaching

Redesign Physio

Physical and mental stress, injury and illness affect our whole body and mind, creating restrictions in how we move, how we feel and how we think.

That’s why at Redesign Physio we offer

  • holistic assessments to find out the causes of your problems
  • three services to help you discover permanent solutions


Find out more about each service and choose which one is right for you.

Discover why I have developed these innovative approaches - About Me


If you need more than one service we can design your own unique package

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“I was told I had to live with my knee pain until it was bad enough for surgery.  Imagine my surprise to discover the problem stemmed from a football injury to my left ankle 40 years ago!  After 3 sessions of AiM I can walk the dog without pain and knock a football around with my grandson” 

Dave W

Physio Services

Redesign your body

Myofascial release

Releasing restrictions throughout your body using safe and effective hands-on techniques for pain relief and freedom of movement.


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Redesign your movement

Anatomy in Motion

Discovering what movements are missing throughout your body and designing exercises to restore movement and
re-programme the brain.


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Redesign your mind


Learning how to consciously choose your thoughts and behaviours to create a new body and mind.


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